domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011

My first three months in SAP.........

How I told in other posts before. I started in SAP because I always think that is where I can find a job without any problem arround the world.

Three months ago, I found a company where the offer was a practice time for 6 months and after that, you are an oficial employee. This week I spent my first three months in a technology like SAP, where I didn't have any kind of idea.

Now I can say that I feel so confident to develop my carrer in this way. After spoke with some people in this business, I understood that if I want to be the best, you need to start from the bottom.

The first thing that is neccesary to learn is the  programming language, in this case is ABAP (Advance Business Application Programming). Is not so difficult but you need to open your mind to understand some concepts and how it is running, in the case that you never develop in other language.

And when you have the basic knowledge, you just research through internet how you did some kind of problems or new functions that you need to developed. There are no so many webpages where you can find this information, but If you are researching well, you can find some of them. Below I write some of my favorites:                         ---> Spanish Language                              ---> Spanish Language          ---> Oficial web page in different languages.

So what I need to continue? Now I need more time to develop, because as much as I developing, more tables, functions and a different ways to do the implementation, more knowledge I have.

In six months, if everything run as i think. I am going to start a Master of SAP to be a SAP Consultant, for the moment I don't know in wich module of SAP, but maybe in FI, MM or SD.  My expectations are that when I will finished the Master I will have one and a half year of experience in ABAP and that's the moment to change to be a SAP Consutlant.

Thanks for reading and in the case that you want to start like me, don't hesitate to contact me. I have a lot of documentation and virtual machines to practice.

This is my first post in English, for the moment is not so good but I do that because I want to improve it, so don't be alarm if you find some mistakes.



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